Morbid and fairytale creatures, feel welcome!

Iím Niha-Cťta, mainly known as creative mastermind in different artistic fields, expressing me and my creativity as musician, designer and model. Furthermore I studied cultural management and musicology and are finally planning my doctorís degree in these fields.

I live in the middle of nowhere in Germany but at least my hometown is near Leipzig, where the world famous Wave-Gotik-Treffen takes place every year. So maybe itís no surprise that my passion for elaborated looks started several years ago. Nowadays people tend to say, that I have some kind of unique goth-look. Iím not sure if this is true, but I do my best to express myself and my creativity. I like switching between different roles with some kind of evil queen - cold and unapproachable - at one side and the cute fairy on the other side. I also transformed myself into some kind of fairy when I got my ears pointed several years ago.

Besides making music Iím also the host of an alternative music club, so I organize several events during the year. For example there is some kind of traditional party on Christmas Eve with more than 200 guests. Because all of this isnít enough to keep my busy I also create pretty goth- and fairy-accessories Ďcause in the past a lot of people wanted to own some of the things I created for my own.
Iím addicted to headdresses, jewelry, makeup and dreads and wanted to have white hair since I was a child. I love baking (and eating all that yummy stuff), tea and coffee. I even want to open my own bakery store when Iím an old granny.

You see, Iím a busy fairy with way too many interests and too less time And Iím also not as unapproachable as people often think, so feel free to contact me here or on Facebook if there are any questions regarding me or my work

By the way: the wonderful picture of this banner was taken by Sio Motion, one of my most favourite photographers.